8 ft x 8 ft Original U Shaped Raised Bed
  • 8 ft x 8 ft Original U Shaped Raised Bed

    Original beds are 10 inches deep which allows good root develop. The eight foot by eight foot bed is "U" shaped making it simple to reach any part of the bed without having to disturb the soil. A good square foot plan could yeild an amazing amount of food for your family. We'd be happy to help with planning after installing the bed.


    • 96" x 96" x 10" (24" x 48" cutout for easy access)
    • Approximately 64 square feet of growing space


    Prices start at $290 for pressure-treated lumber. Also, available in cedar, galvanized steel & paver stone.

    • Enhance, Protect or Expand

      EZ Gardens offers add-on services to our valued clients that make it more convenient to get started & maintain their gardens. Below is a list of many of the services we can include:


      • Site preparation
      • Garden soil and/or mulch delivery/installation
      • Exterior oil finishing
      • Trellises
      • Subterranean drip irrigation (connectable to your hose or 1/2" pvc)
      • Garden consulting
      • Worm castings & fertilizer
      • Installed bed fencing


      Be sure to inquire about our convenient vegetable planting program which includes a soil refresh and is offered bi-annually & quarterly.