8 ft x 8 ft Deep, Raised Bed
  • 8 ft x 8 ft Deep, Raised Bed

    Enough growing space to cultivate beans on a trellis, flowers on the fringes, and loads of veggies and herbs between. This is the wonderful size to for built-in drip irrigation with a timer to make watering a breeze. Talk to us about options for a large bed from season to season.


    Prices start at $445 for pressure-treated lumber. Also, available in cedar & galvanized steel.

      • Enhance, Protect or Expand

        EZ Gardens offers add-on services to our valued clients that make it more convenient to get started & maintain their gardens. Below is a list of many of the services we can include:


        • Site preparation
        • Garden soil and/or mulch delivery/installation
        • Exterior oil finishing
        • Trellises
        • Subterranean drip irrigation (connectable to your hose or 1/2" pvc)
        • Garden consulting
        • Worm castings & fertilizer
        • Installed bed fencing


        Be sure to inquire about our convenient vegetable planting program which includes a soil refresh and is offered bi-annually & quarterly.