If you are looking for an easy way to maintain a garden that produces results year-after-year, we are here to help both with the planning phase and to create a raised bed system that perfectly fits your annual growth plan. Our EZ Rules for gardening encourage a thoughtful approach to ensure your success and consequent happiness.


The best place to begin is by deciding what you want to grow. Almost anything will grow in our Florida climate but some plants are tremendously demanding while others are like planting weeds. So, assuming you've decided, it's time to dig in and consider the four EZ Rules for a great garden. Let's dig in!

  1. Seasonality - We too in Florida have a season when it is very challenging to grow vegetables, fruits, and flowers. Ours just happens to be opposite from what most gardeners in the U.S. experience. It is a long season starting in early June and lasting until early October. Most big box stores sell several varieties of vegetable and flowering plants during these months. But, they aren't telling you that there's almost no chance of success with these plants because it's so hot here. There are ALWAYS plants that will grow in any climate but you have to know which ones.

  2. Soil - It cannot be overemphasized that the quality of the soil used for cultivating plants will determine their health and production. You can keep down disease and control moisture with the right soil. And once you've put in the effort to create a wonderful growing environment for plants, you should protect that soil with mulch.

  3. Light - Seed packets often use terms like partial sun and full sun to tell gardeners where to plant. That's pretty vague language, to be frank. Here, in Florida, full sun should be interpreted very differently in May versus December.

  4. Water - Most vegetable plants do not thrive with water landing on their leaves frequently. It can cause disease and the humidity acts as a breeding ground for pests. Subterranean drip irrigation is a wonderful method with mulch above to control evaporation. But rainwater captured in rain barrels and distributed with ground-level hand watering cannot be beaten. Several tests have proven veggies and flowers grow much better with rain versus city water. Well water is also a great option but be sure your water doesn't have any saltwater penetration.

Below are links to a few pages we know you will find useful when considering what to plant each season. The goal is to set in motion an annual plan of how you can keep your garden productive and fun.

Annual Calendar

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Flowering Shrubs

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